Atlanta's 12th District Deserves

Better Leadership + Representation

“If you’re disappointed by your elected officials, grab a clipboard, get some signatures, and run for office yourself.”

President Barack Hussein Obama
Farewell Address, January 10th, 2017

Greetings Neighbors!

I grabbed my clipboard, and am excited to announce my decision to campaign for and win Atlanta’s City Council 12th District seat! Why?  Because we deserve better! Specifically, the wonderful residents of Atlanta’s 12th District deserve better leadership and representation from our councilperson.

We need a champion at City Hall fighting on behalf of our neighborhoods and a bridge builder to unite our growing, diverse community.  We also need someone who will connect our neighborhoods to the abundant resources and opportunities available in public, private and non-private service providers.   I aspire to be that champion for you!

This is a new adventure for me; and I know that I can’t win this seat on my own.  I’d be honored for  you to take this journey with me.  Because we, Atlanta’s 12th District, deserve better!


Randy G. Gibbs, Candidate for Atlanta City Council, District 12.

Better Connection, Communication, and Representation

On Being Good Neighbors

District 12 has a rich history and enormous pride.  As you know, wonderful people have lived in our neighborhoods for many years.  However, other folks are just now realizing that District 12 is a great place to live, too.  Some might view the mix of established residents and newer neighbors as unsettling. Change may not always be easy, but it doesn’t have to be contentious either.

I believe that our established residents have been foundational in shaping and creating attractive neighborhoods.  Similarly, I welcome the energy, enthusiasm, new talent and even businesses that newer neighbors will bring to this community.  I believe that we all benefit from the rich, dynamic diversity in our neighborhoods. By showing mutual respect and appreciation, District 12 can be the beloved community for everyone who calls it home!

How do you feel about the growing diversity in District 12?

On Education

I cannot stress enough the importance of education here in District 12. The one thing that I learned from the closure of the Latin Academy was that those kids truly cared about receiving a quality education. It hurt my heart to see that school close just like I know it hurt many parents and students. The good news is that the Latin Academy kids are not an anomaly in our district. I know that we all care about the quality of education that our children receive.

There are several reasons to be excited about the provision of education in District 12 for both our children and adults going forward. Atlanta Public School’s (APS’s) bold Turnaround Strategy will soon be fully implemented and the impact on our youth is quite promising. I look forward to working with our School Board representatives to develop more ways to better connect our neighborhoods with our schools. Finally, we need to take advantage of the steady growth of Atlanta Metropolitan State College and Atlanta Technical College in our communities, and the opportunities that these institutions of higher learning provide to both local HS grads and adults. How do you feel about education in District 12?

On Local Economic Development

I have had the great fortune of teaming with neighborhood leaders and residents from eight neighborhoods – including Adair Park, Capitol View, Capitol View Manor, Oakland City, Pittsburgh, and Sylvan Hills – to address the relative lack of food retail options in our region.  We conducted Development Days, which were designed to expose the numerous developmental opportunities to restaurant owners and real estate developers who may be unfamiliar with our community.  Next, we created Cash Mobs as an effort to support the local grocers and restaurants providing fresh, healthy food offerings to our community.  Finally, we created the Intown SW Atlanta Small Business Bootcamp, in which business owners in our community received business education and consultation to improve their business.

I will continue these efforts of supporting and growing local businesses as well as attracting larger, regional-scale developments to our community.  Despite what traditional metrics may indicate, the demand for quality goods and services is here.  More importantly, the ability to support new restaurants, coffee shops, bars, etc. is here too.  What food and retail options would you like to see in District 12?

On Affordable Housing

The affordable housing concerns in District 12 are considerably different than in other parts of Atlanta. As a REALTOR®, I know these realities all too well. Midtown, O4W and other trendy areas are concerned about the abundance of luxury condos popping up everywhere but we have concerns about rising property values, rents and property taxes that disrupt and destabilize the ability for some of our longer-term neighbors to keep living in our community. Left unchecked, market forces and indifferent landlords will put many of our hardworking and retired neighbors in extremely vulnerable positions concerning their housing.

I will work with government leaders and other smart thinkers on creating a variety of realistic options to address the affordable housing issue in our district. For some, stronger rental protections are the answer. Pathways to home-ownership such as home buyer education classes and lease-to-own programs may be the better option for other neighbors. Establishing land trusts to ensure permanent affordability is another option worth discussing as well. I am here to consider and act upon every option that serves the best interests of our residents.  What are your ideas concerning affordable housing in District 12?

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